Filming Permit

"Application for Indonesia Journalist Visa Purposes
and Film/Video Shooting Permit"

Requirement for journalist visa may vary from Embassy to embassy, please consult Indonesian Embassy or Consulates in your country.

General Procedure for Applying Shooting/Filming Permit in Indonesia

Applying for filming/ shooting permit in Indonesia, both photographic and film shooting are one of our service. The process itself vary in completion time, most of the time is a short 2 weeks time to complete, we suggest that you at least starting the procedure within a month prior your starting shooting date.

  • Contact Indonesian Embassy in your country and complete then submit all the required document
    Once submitted, the embassy will check then forward all the required document to Indonesia / Jakarta office of Indonesia Film Research and Development cc to Ministry of culture and Education. This will take 5 working days more less.
  • Application received in Jakarta
    Received by the Jakarta office, then Jakarta will process the submitted document and decision made every Thursday. Once approved, you will be notified via email. This will take 5 working days or possibly 2 weeks.
  • Issuing of Journalist Visa and Production Permit
    When approved, the embassy will issuing your journalist visa. Then you should send us the color scan copy of the visa to us along with several requirement to proceed for processing the permits and location permit in our side, please contact us for list of what you need to prepare and send us. This could be take 5 working days or possibly 2 weeks.
  • Location Permit
    Depending on your set and chosen filming location, we will visit each location to acquire permits including special requirement from the police (if any). Time to complete depends on the number of location

Obligations after receiving permit for journalist purposes:

  1. The applicant will submit one copy of his proposed article/report to the Indonesian government.
  2. The applicant will obey all regulations of the Indonesian government and respect local custom/cultures.
  3. The applicant will submit full-length report to the Indonesian government after his/her work has been completed.

Obligations after receiving permit for film/video shooting permit:

  1. Comply with laws and regulations of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia.
  2. Report our arrival to the Directorate of Press and Information Service at the Department of Foreign Affairs in Jakarta, Jl. Tamban Pejambon No. 6, Jakarta-Pusat, in order to obtain press card(s) and general briefing regarding shooting procedures.
  3. Report to the Information Service of the Provincial/Regional Government that will appoint a liaison officer, and bear expenses related to the services.
  4. Carry out the film shooting in accordance with the approved scripts/synopsis as submitted to the Government of the Republic of Indonesia.
  5. Refrain from film in sacred rituals, objects or locations forbidden by local beliefs or practices and other restricted areas.
  6. Re-export all the shooting equipments at our expense upon completion of filming and bear all related costs
  7. Submit one released copy of film/video to Government of the Republic of Indonesia through the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia which may be used at the discretion of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia for non-commercial use.

Embassies and Consulates


For applying filming permit from Los Angeles, Paris and London, there is online filming permit through the embassy website.

  1. Indonesian Embassy, Los Angeles
  2. Indonesian Embassy, Paris
  3. Indonesian Embassy, London