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Global Manufacturing in a Security Conscious World

Autel’s EVO platform has garnered great reviews and significant press as a competitor to the DJI Mavic: a high quality, lower cost commercial aircraft. The technology is already well respected and made in the U.S. at Autel’s Bothell, WA manufacturing plant, but Warnas has a clear and unequivocal goal: to establish Autel drones as a “trusted” platform for use anywhere in the world. It’s a complex issue, but one that Warnas says Autel is ready and willing to work on.

“We need to figure out what it means to have truly secure drones, and to use them in sensitive areas without risk. We need to understand what a ‘secure platform’ means,” he says. “It’s our goal to check every box to be considered a trusted airframe. We’re trying to transcend the political aspect and find a way that we can all win – with technology that’s lower priced, and completely trusted.”


Source : dronelife.com